Collection: Wall Art

Wall Art Décor - Quotes & Wall Poster Prints

Our team in Manchester have curated this eclectic variety of wall art décor and prints for wall hanging. Get inspired browsing through our online store at our range of animal themed and inspirational quote wall art, and gorgeous wall poster prints in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. Each piece is designed by our team, and a range of other independent UK artists.
The art on your wall is an expression of who you are, and what’s meaningful to you. Whether you want to use one of our decorative art prints as a statement piece on its own, or hang some together in a group, we hope you find something that’s completely you!

Animal Wall Art
Made from materials including wood and metal, our animal wall art prints feature majestic wildlife and loveable pets. They’ll make the perfect gift for animal lovers and will add personality and colour to your home.

Wall Art Quotes

There’s nothing like a quote that sums up your values or gives you that boost of inspiration when you need it. Our quote wall art pieces are both humorous and meaningful. They’re sure to complement your surroundings.
All the wall art in our online store is delivered to your door straight from our base in Manchester.